The night was beautiful and passive through the typical lifestyle of the town, the country side offered me more unusual silent sights to unveil through the way. Mr.Abel’s dog came along, the dog seemed so graceful. His skin color was blue as the sky and the legs ended up in the dark color, the night covered a lot from the natural world with the silent breeze, Mr.Abel told us the reason for a night trip, he said that the night is the time when the materialistic thoughts go to sleep and eventually the need of the spirit is felt, he talked like my grandfather and I started getting peace with my best friends falling asleep to the best he wanted.

“His name is Artic, your grandfather told me once about how the way your pets can grow out define yourself, while the course I bought this fellow home and ever since we have spent a while discovering each other. Animals are like the night, they only have the spirit no mind of the nature to adapt more and more things, they are likely to attain peace, yet they are slaves to the nature as we men say. Well, Artic taught me to respect the ground and the sky for that matter, the way he looks around navigating and reading the nature gets me wondering about the beauty around.” Said Mr.Abel while walking ahead of us all, he continued as and when saying “I am taking you to the realm of the rain, people talk a lot about that place and I want to  get an answer from my scientists perhaps.”

He looked at me and made me feel a lot more excited with every step, mother had stories about the place called the realm of the rain, she told me once that the place is haunted to its very nature and people say that the reflection of sorrow surpass happiness.Well, I never believed in her and wanted to know about the place as we reached the midst of the forest, I felt a sensation of the music from my dream again. I tried reaching out for the lyrics but suddenly  I heard Erik burst out into tears, “That’s my dad. He’s there !”. He ran and got hurt by the tree in front of him. Sara took a few step towards the tree next to it and gently touched the bark, I could see a reflection of a tear on her face. “What do you see, Sara?” asked Mr.Abel while helping  Erik stand.

“A mirror.” she replied with shivers in voice.

“You have been my student since a very long time and I have never seen you be in distress, what got you there my child ? This is the realm of the rain, people saw water here as a fear of history and lose, rest no body dared to come to this place. There’s no magic, just simple false claim of your thoughts. Don’t let the story haunt you, relax and then feel what surrounds you. Aarav, do you see anything around lad ?” Mr Abel had the cover plan all over for the lesson he wanted to give us, but I felt the song which was not my vision, I replied saying ” It was a sound, there is something about the place.”

“Read what you want, see the stars as your scars, watch the darkness with your prospect and feel the nature at the heart. You three amuse me, your all talented artist I suppose.”

Artic went to Sara and softly put his leg over her feet, Sara moved her hand over the skin blue skin and we eventually continued following Mr. Abel. We returned to the outskirts of the forest and sat around on the grass. The dog made me happy just by looking at it, right when I had a look upon the creature, he came and stared into my eyes. His eyes were cold blue, as if ice-covered the very soul of the natural being. Mr.Abel theories started to make more and more sense, what we felt was what we were holding on our experiences.

“You both must still be confused about what does all these things have to do with what you have lost, well keep thinking. And yes ! try to hold on your positive attitude.I will give you the answer tomorrow.And apart from that I need you three to complete a task for me, learn things from the nature, anything that surround you.”

“And remember, you’re the flow of the great experiment, let your fields follow the pattern you need to find. Our discovery for tonight is over, think well my dear ones.” Mr. Abel said while returning to the town. I knew I was visiting the group again for my own self, and I knew why we were here for the question he put up,  he asked us to read what we want as in to the click of the world we suppose then to read the stars as the scars for the death to be the pain we shared, he went on with a thought of realizing the darkness is not what the meaning prevail for the life, everything is uncertain and that’s the most certain sight we can shape up, and the last sentence was something I want to look forward to again. The evasive truth is actually the principal of the certain thought of the very moment to hold on to us and maybe that’s the way I was searching on.



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