3. Mornings

It was 6 in the morning, the phone alarm didn’t have to wake me up today. Alex was sleeping right next to me, never liked waking her up in the morning when I could just look at her and not think. My mind had been a wreck lately, so we decided on practising meditation every morning. I gently put my hands on her forehand.

“It’s 6 o clock. Let’s put our brains to sleep for a while now, dear.”

She woke up with the struggle of aa hard-working lady and an upset sleeping pattern. I hated waking her up but the meditation time was a must for her as well, she had a job to look after a whole chemical operating base in the city. Despite the fact, almost every morning it seemed that post meditation, the bed transformed into psychotherapy with my wife been my psychologist and handling my thoughts into a powerful structure. And today, I needed her for framing a lecture that shall uproot the void space that my students might have and the one mail I read, Irfan needed a straight pavement to find himself again.

“What Is the matter?” It was Alex looking into my lost eyes, one of those moments when you get lost in the thoughts and forget the actual visual. “Professor seems lost into his first lecture for the year, huh? “her voice could capture my attention as if home.

“I have this student with a massive story, he has struggled and lost himself somewhere on his way to Europe from Syria. Not by mistake or the dreadful loss of his family but deliberately he had to forget himself to come here and live a life. His name is Aadesh for the Europeans, the boy only has one manifestation of himself, his love for his ideals. Religious and social impaired.”

She had her way of looking into my eyes and telling me things that set apart the whole issue to me, unlike any other part of the day the mornings were silent and only accompanied a healthy conversation. “So, you will be telling them the story? The science, religion and magic. I never got it. But maybe the social impairment thing aligns with it. Let’s leave early today, have some meetings and I need to prepare the team for the same.” I held her hand and gave her a kiss. “I will talk to them about something, thanks. All the best for the day sweetheart. I have a few classes and then I need to start the new story.”




The night was beautiful and passive through the typical lifestyle of the town, the country side offered me more unusual silent sights to unveil through the way. Mr.Abel’s dog came along, the dog seemed so graceful. His skin color was blue as the sky and the legs ended up in the dark color, the night covered a lot from the natural world with the silent breeze, Mr.Abel told us the reason for a night trip, he said that the night is the time when the materialistic thoughts go to sleep and eventually the need of the spirit is felt, he talked like my grandfather and I started getting peace with my best friends falling asleep to the best he wanted.

“His name is Artic, your grandfather told me once about how the way your pets can grow out define yourself, while the course I bought this fellow home and ever since we have spent a while discovering each other. Animals are like the night, they only have the spirit no mind of the nature to adapt more and more things, they are likely to attain peace, yet they are slaves to the nature as we men say. Well, Artic taught me to respect the ground and the sky for that matter, the way he looks around navigating and reading the nature gets me wondering about the beauty around.” Said Mr.Abel while walking ahead of us all, he continued as and when saying “I am taking you to the realm of the rain, people talk a lot about that place and I want to  get an answer from my scientists perhaps.”

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“So your saying that this big creation, the universe gives me the things I hope for? Jason Richard, your friend and my grandfather, the man who taught me about how to look and react to the nature is no more, are you saying that he wanted to leave his place on earth? ” I was full of emotions and could not hold in a thought.

“Jason, the man taught me how to see the world as well, you know son he once told me that death is the most expected thing in the world, he said-just as and when a person can think maturely, he starts fearing the death. I questioned him about hours about this, I remember but he knew this world better than I can ever do. He was not just my friend he was my teacher, just like you I sat in a class listening and questioning him for everything he explained to me. May his soul rest in peace and his essence of teaching go on forever. ” Mr Abel (the professor) said with lowering his tone .

I had nothing to say, I took a deep breath thinking that his theory made sense and after all he repeated the words of the man we shared disguise on.

“Well my friends I hope to see you again some time the library is open to all and this room for the people who want to understand the complex looking yet simple flow of the universe.”

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