Dear Gemini

We are gently written in the sky,

Like the wind, escaping the empty minds,

On the look of paradise, from the ocean,

To the shore, from the Sun,

To the Moon.


This curiosity links the woman to a thought,

To change the world, but only to herself,

She sings the beautiful discovery of the sins,

To dance along, and be friends with the song.


For she is the wind of humanity,

She can think and adore,

Rest each life and transcend the norms.

From around the world, she has been,

And she brings a lullaby that helps the world to think.


P.S-  The sketch is the contribution from another talented Gemini, Nistha Agrawal.

The Scars Faded In Dark

It was threaded to be this way,

A story that sang of their sins,

A lore that brought light to the scars,

A truth, trembling under the umbrella of her stars.

She was born in happiness,

But, the faith awaited grief,

She was brought up with kindness,

But, the sin pushed the heaven to her knees.

We all know a Noor,

The child who lived a little less,

And felt a little more,

The child who was sold from the shore,

Or the one who slept on the broken road,

Waiting for the cold to pass by,

But, afraid of the light that shall burn the sky.

There are many escaping her sight,

In the dark, her scares were never alive,

Let the light shine on the blood that she lost,

One moment to break the curse of the sin,

One hand to wipe the tears from the eyes,

One hope to let her feel a smile,

The expression that shall capture her fears from the night.

Gods of Love

The Fine Margin

Oh Aphrodite

Have I mistaken


Passion oozes

Skin grinds against skins

Breathing in the moist

Smell of holy union

Oh Cupid

Have I mistaken


My hands glide through her hair

Like black mares

Running in the dark

Oh the hair

Oh Venus

Have I mistaken


For faith



And lust?

Oh Eros

Have I mistaken


The Gods have spoken

They lay their wrath

On a mortal such as me

How dare I ask questions?

Squeamishly I stare down

At the Gods of love

They didn’t define it

Neither can I.

Don’t take my arms

Granted for skinny dipping

We don’t have to

Burn like embers to lay in ash

Do not undress

I saw you already

Changes I detest

From my dreams

You are perfect

From where I stand

You don’t have to come here

To break my heart

In my eyes you are


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Dear Aries

Alive like the blood, Compelling as the rose.

It is all a simple rhythm to move along,

Maybe dance a little and colour the song,

It is the human nature to be adamant with prejudice,

Not for us, our senses can go beyond to empathise.


Peace is our stance while we listen,

And we expect the same from our whistle,

We may be horrid with the horns,

But often, humour can help you heal the wounds.


We are short-lived in anger and concern,

But the aesthetics shall remain and the future shall learn,

How trivial images can shape revolution for them all.

We hold the throne of lands on our head,

The passion that rules, hidden under the crest.







Dear Libra

We are blinded in tranquillity,

Surfacing the judgment from the canvas of the lost.

We run across intimate to their existence

Never to leave our trace in the thought.


Loyal as the wind, held by a storm,

Unknowingly affected by the sea,

Determined blindly by the play of a song,

We dance to the cause, only listening to the impact,

Rational verdicts that proclaim love as a fact.


Simple, yet complete, unlike the dreamer of the seas,

Our essence lies in the gravity,

The pull that enacts and justify each deed.

If you fall, only justice shall hear your call,

For I am the message that resonates the heartbeat in the fall.








Dear Scorpian

Rush is known to hold their thoughts,

But you and I can slow down the fall,

And simply assembles the symbols in grace,

The empty smiles would come down with flaws,

Scattered naked under the Eagle’s thought.


We have the poison that can hold their nerves,

One reason for the shallow hold of their verse.

But the blue ocean, that we adore,

Can hold the poison till we are threatened with a sword,

Till the ocean would flood into the streams of our words.


We can stay and listen to the music of the shore,

In the serene eyes of the spirit, we adore,

Come around and we shall sing for long,

Keeping the secrets under the rhythm of the song.