Sunlight for the Night

“A walk?”

“Yes. Sounds good.”

“I will take you to death, the tree I told you about.”

“What about life?”

“Yes, it is there too.”

“The sun is out today.”

The sun is not here, I cannot move. I don’t know if the sun. The only voice was the machine next to me, monitoring my heart beats. But I was dreaming. I want to dream again. 

“It is better to imagine, being blind is tough. Better to dream.”

“Yes, you are right. It is peaceful with you.”

“Yes. Nobody gets me the way you can. I escape the world for a reason.”

“I see, I cannot let all of me breathe in the world at once. It is better to be lost.”

No, I can’t see anything. What was I thinking? It is hard in this dark room, listening to my heart lose beats to… beauty? She was beautiful. She is helping my nerves. As if sunlight in the damp world I am in. The hospital. The coma. I cant move. I know I am stuck in the night, but I have her. The memories. I can relive the walks an endless number of times in my head and find peace. 

“You know peace is what I seek. But I am strong.”

“Are you? I feel you are raw human. You have the essence of innocence within. I feel it when you talk and pretend to be strong with certain phrases. But, yes, Peace is all we need.”

“Right now is peaceful, the trees are indeed, beautiful.”

“I know. Too bad death and life are surrounded by people.”

“I like this one the most. What should we call it?”



I will return. All I need is patience. I will return to the sunlight soon.



Veiling Vices’ Virtues

A violin is set to play,

You are in this beautiful white dress,

Gloves creeping their way to your arms,

A hat hiding the flow of thoughts,

A veil on the face, enclosing its beauty.


Here I am, playing the songs in my head,

Suffocated from the flesh,

Where do I look,

When the ocean is enveloped by the sky and I rest in space,

Soon the song will stop and we go home.


The place where the secrets don’t settle,

Where bodies are naked and beauty proclaim the universe,

Where we can fall for each other, in the eyes, the deep blues,

No space or sky to resist the flow of my sight.


It is simply soothing, the coffee and your skin,

I never liked the sweet taste of hope,

Just the little sour, I adore.

So here we are, hand in hand, no clothes to bind and blind,

Let just lay, till they know we are drunk on coffee,

Till they go home.

Photograph by Anjali Sharma

Check out her amazing work here


Let ‘x’ Be the Human Mind

Let ‘x’ be a variable,

A variable, trying to find a constant coordinate,

Which plane where it may lie upon?

Is a question it trembles to undertake.

Let ‘x’ be named Satan, Subhi or Lakshay,

The former name blinded by the values of his freedom,

Subhi, a variable wondering where to land with its creative clay,

Lakshay, forming a hyperbola all the way from the negative planes.

One moment in the chemical curfew of the nerves,

The other,  assembling their existence on the physical planes.

Oh, let ‘x’ be a constant one day,

Away from the other factors of the world,

In a parallel plain,

Where greed, creativity and curiosity,

Will not find their stay,

A void to time, an empty room of incest,

Dreaming of the plane, where ‘x’ varies with names.


1. The Classroom

I entered the classroom with the excitement of meeting the new batch, unlike other professors I always waited for the young minds exploring the world of literature. I remember when I began my journey in the field and how I was not sure about anything related to my decision. The classroom had the usual sense to me, the place where I can talk to anyone about anything, that was my job after all.

“Greetings! Young minds. I am Atlas Rogue and I will be dealing with deceiving you people.  Deceiving you all to take a journey with our rusted head to the plane of isolated imagination. Too much? Well in simple language I am responsible to let you all know about the roots of literature, we will talk about mythology and psychology side by side. But I need to know each one of you and I don’t believe that names are the key to individual understanding. So here is your first assignment, you all will be mailing me the jigsaw events that were put together to add meaning to your actions. Consider me as your friend, everything will be kept as a secret and we shall work upon adding on to the meaning of our story.”

I could see how I skipped a few steps here when the batch of thirty students were sitting still.

“Any questions so far?” the usual drill was followed, none of them put up a conversation. No one was to blame, I opted to teach the refugee students that were taken in by the French government. I could see some faces filled with fear and no intentions to be here at the educational arts centre.

“I will take a leave now, my friends. Hope to read your stories tonight, 20 lines will do. Have a good day.”

While driving my way back, I knew I would not receive the write ups today. I had to find out a way to connect to them and the reason must be unified. I kept thinking about how all the names in the class list had the Hindu descent despite of the fact that the families were saved on their way from Syria, an Islamic country. The world of literature shall treat all equally, the new class brought mysteries to resolve.