The Black Hole 

Steal me? Can you heal me? 
Broken in verses, from all the love.

Feel me? Sense my dreams and deeds,

With time that bleeds out of our singularities. 
Not a song, holding on,

All my words, were so wrong,

Where I would belong? 
Steal me? Can you heal me? 

I am calling out the verses of my empty thirst,

Believe me? 

I don’t need cigarettes,

And ashes,

And screaming,

And lashes.

But, you,

The divine empty skies,

And the rhyme of the time.


Steal me? Can you heal me? 

I am lost in love, with the universe,

With lies and lust,

With broken trust.

Of all that hurts,

Of all that burns,

You, stay dead,

You, the infection in my head.


Electrons and Poetry

Felicity a while? It has been a long,

Each quantum shift, an infinite analogue.

Velocity and wine? Ever satisfied?

But, for many analogues, I have been drunk.

Revolving for the rest,

Few of us, and then, the stars.

If I leave my plane of being,

Humans might catch hold of me.

I move with the valiant colours in the night,

Felicity a while? It has been a long.

You, don’t know what I mean?

Each stroke of ink lies in the same fields,

All of my fellow negative bonds will break,

With each word, the vision will displace.

Felicity a while? It has been a long

Since, an electron is never defined,

Implying poetry is all divine.

Alas, my movement is the colour of your mind.

The Stars on her Black Dress

Almost a decade and there she hides,

Underneath the open skies.

Cognition failed to read her eyes,

When she glared upon the flawless night.

Another decade further drags of space elongating with time,

And there she hides, underneath the smoke in the skies,

The stars, she adored had locked their doors,

No cognition could now suffice,

For she fell in love, with a man who drew a tiny light

To heal the haze of the smoky night.

A few years to heal her lies,

A few kisses to fade her mind.

She was lost, from her journey to the stars,

For the light of the man was oblivion to let her feel the raging scars.

And then one night he left her there,

In the dark wilderness,

In love, dejected in despair.

She screamed, she cried,

She was lost in the dark night,

For no light and cognition could foretell her the dreamy lies.

It has been months, in the wild,

And I hope somehow, she reads this rhyme.

If not the black ink,

Then her own black threads,

The dress she wears in the dark times,

Will remind her of the decades that died.

When the glimpse of hope will hit her dress,

The spark will reflect the forgotten breath,

And when she reads,

Or when she stalls,

The glimpse will guide her to the hall.

Almost a decade and there she used to hide.

Never to be known,

Talking to the stars in the night.

This is where the ink shall dry,

The darkness shall collide,

And her face shall meet the dying the night,

With tears in her eyes,

She admires the stars,

With tears in her eyes,

She redeems the truth in her past.

Here, she lies underneath the skies,

Talking to the child, that was lost in the wild.

No drugs, no cognition can heal her eyes.

For, there is no flaw in the night.





Photography by SUBHI SACHAN

She has been the inspiration to many of the blogs on this website. Check out her amazing work here

Pensieve Of Memories

The chamber of Albus Dumbledore,

Never truly exhibited matter,

It transcended from an aura to another,

From an eye to the mind.


Within the bloodstream,

Interstellar to the eye,

There rest a memo of the nights,

A canvas of mystical lies,

A pensieve of time.

The hold is called upon to breathe the sea,

A stream of possibilities and dreams,

Named the soul by some,

She fills and drains through each sleep.

The substance is not to be believed,

Not liquid, not gas, not a dream.

The soul is just, asleep,

Floating through the memories.

Albus, Severus and others live through the stone,

Wandering as the gods of unknown,

A sense that elaborates no sense,

Shall weave the universe onto the redemption of each thread.

Sketch by Vaibhav Gupta

Together, Tonight.

We shall stay together, tonight. With living lies, fooling the time,

We shall breathe together, tonight. With weary eyes and lines that never shall rhyme.

I am the ocean, and she lives, through the skies, I am calm, She is always on her highs.

If one of us leave our town, If we ever collide,

The mind that deceives us, the root of every lie shall die.

Our kiss, suffocate them,

Our inmate jest can burn the land of the rest,

Lovers be the serene dream,

Tonight, we shall be lost as the breeze.

We shall stay together, tonight.

With weary lines that never should lie,

Nor Rhyme.

Sketch by Vaibhav Gupta

From You | For You

Somewhere down the life line,

You will meet everything that was hidden from you;

For you.

Somewhere in the obliviated lies,

You will be lost in the meadows of the time,

Your high;

My mind.

Junctions of the verge that collide with the universe,

Allegory of the words that defines the desire of this urge.

Karma, physics and allegory shall suffice,

The momentum of the stars that ruin this life.

Colours Concealed


Colourless green ideas sleep furiously; Colourful dark emotions are wide awake,

Innate to the rest of time;
Inanimate to the vision of the mind.
Colourless green ideas sleep furiously; Colourfully concealed is thy name,
Spread across a canvas in the dark,
Sacred as the lies, held to the core of your heart.
Colourless green ideas furiously; Colourful void that holds this game,
In the mist, beyond the bones,
Is kept, the serene bundle of death and known.
Colourless green ideas are awake,
But no words shall exist, to take the blame.