Hey wine,
Like yesterday, you were mine.
It was beautiful,
Brisk, old and forever like,
Dancing with my veins,
Singing of love.

Hey night,
Just tonight, come again,
Let’s make it alright,
Like the last line,
Scribbled in my heart,
– Your Name.

Hey Arka,
I will sing in secrets,
To unlock our doors,
Made of strings and stars,
Hanging on our hearts,
As we dance under their chandelier,
It tickles, remember?

Your dress was made of rivers,
I was the burning sun at times,
The other way around,
Warm in love,
Flying to the forever,
Let’s keep dancing,
Let’s keep living,
Keep loving,


Broken Mind Rhymes

I admire your confusions,
Like day like death,
Like sky like sin,
Like bird like breath.
How sea and silence are one,
How mountains and the mind are two,
How my heart is never of counts,
For when I find you,
Next to the veins that I tied you up with in my head,
For you to stay,
And never leave me,
I realised, it’s not all the same .
Your confusions ,
Makes me your father, brother and self at times,
And clearly, my mind,
Dont have to be right at the farme of the flux that lights the colours alive.
I mean, how wonderful ever I could certainly adore something,
But now, it seems, I have to love it all,
Every piece of my heart from the past,
Every broken notes that turned into a tear,
All of it, has to be loved ,
By a father, son and brother.
For my little one died in the game of knowing things,
And the elder one never realised that we were wrong.
Your confusions,
Lile your red dense river,
Bleeding darkness,
As I call it,
For confusions are bright .
There are knots of blood,
Not letting go of what I have known,
In your eyes,
I found myself under the clear skies,
Oh dear divine,
Why this mind, play games,
To understand this oft spoken reality,
And knots of blood.
Her hair now, they sync into the rivers of my rush,
Red and dense,
She reminds me how Rivers should be,
Says, it’s the ocean we all aim,
Little delight with tsunamis,
That cleanse,
My heart,
Her hair..
Constellations and stars..
And what have I known,
Of the stars that died,
They bleed like us,
Into the same ocean,
She say,
Her eyes,
Bright skies,
All colours,
Oh dear divine,
Evasive mistakes,
Her hair,
Colours that reminds of my days,
Calm, and secure,
Never to be known,
Now that I lay under the skies,
And the world glares upon my scars,
Those stars,
They cry,
It rains,
But I am healing,
Little do they do,
All these wet roads,
They lead to the ocean,
I smile,
It still rains,
Glares would curse the cosmos,
Only to flow with words,
And life.
Be lost, she said,
And I have never known,
Only felt the river and her bones.

Dear Heart

Don’t shiver for she is far,

Dont fret, for her voice that you once met is no more around the thin air of your pulse.

Don’t go beyond what is yours,

The rain of blood,

Letting nerves grow.

Letting it all be red in the darkness.

Love splashing silence into screams,



Dont run so fast, if she is not there to hold you,

You won’t be able to reach her space,

She is lone commit passing my galaxies and lighting them up,

Don’t feel, for when you fell in love with her,

You forget that the universe moves and expands.

Like you, beating.


If I ask you to die, tonight.
Will you, speak out the entire lie.
I will run down your spine,
To tell you, that it’s alright.

If I ask you to dance the night.
Will you, spill colours of the dying light.
To wake up within, without me.

If I ask you about our love,
Will you, stay the entire time, saying nothing but singing away my life,
For in love, we dream no need.

I have asked a million things,
I have only one answer, I do.
I will never ask you if you do,

If you don’t.


Strokes of Silence

Do you remember? Somehow the background that filled in our favourite tree started singing when we forgot about the pain. We call that tree, Surreal. How he was breathing away the toxic silent despair that we let out to the world. Some leaves would drop down to us, in remains of our misery. We keep still, sometimes look into each other’s eyes. It took a few breaths for me to realize that I was. I was in need. I was in love. I was.

The music played till we gave up to the world. The beautiful kingdom we used to serve in our own ways. That place is like no other, in the middle of a menace but serene to synthesise love without the lows of the violin that I never learnt. No matter how much we loved the place, as soon as we used to leave to greet the rush, we were lost. The moment, I find the bricks smiling at me, and the people disguising themselves to stay away from the shame, I left the page and start to write a claim that makes no sense like this sentence. Yes, this is how my consciousness works when I think about the world, where you are lost laughing beautifully and sustain my self as this pseudo-personality.

You never used to speak a word that would sustain my self in the black spaces of write up. You never told me how you feel about the void we shared to feel our soul once in a bit of the menace. Surreal never used to speak either and at times, when I was not happy with my work, I used to enter the temple of silence with screaming thoughts and that’s when I felt the ambience hold me in peace.

We will leave this place alone, I know. But then there are ways, this universe compels you to smile and say, that it is alright. Listen to me, I would ask, tell me things. And no words would reverberate through surreal as the vibrations never left your beautiful lips.

Now, all of this would add on to my dilemma and leave me with the love I have, a little less lost, but never to be found.

One day, a day known for my arrival on this planet, I got a painting from you. And this is what it is all about. Now listen to what you said to me.

“Black bleeds reality and no reminiscence,
The dark comes from the heart,
That beats but only to feel,
The things I can say,
But won’t,

The red dips underneath the surreal surface,
Below the lies of all my mistakes,
From the secret of the smile,
That hides in the night,
Not thinking,

The blue is by the seas of the sky,
Where only dreams survive,
Where you and I die,
Deceiving the lost,
We find,

The yellow is in your lost eyes,
When the sun denies,
To feed the flower,
With light,

The pink is dwelling in the dark bark,
The flower on the burnt tree,
You call us, destiny,
I barely know,
How I am,

The white is the witness of it all,
The divine that decides,
The structure of all,
Your rhyme,

I know you dipped the brush in the deepest streams of your consciousness, somehow you reached me. And therefore, I call it destiny.