21st December; Why does this matter to me?

It is human to be in love with the mysteries of the universe, to romanticize a little about what we don’t know, yet experience in abundance. The state of curiosity and sublime together holds the night sky for me. In the year 2020, I fell in love with any mystery that was offered to me in the darkness. Turns out, these mysteries that I am in love with, unfolds with musings and melody.

For the past months I have seen Jupiter and Saturn take a whole round around my existence. Jupiter is the brightest, apart from the moon, Jupiter was the cosmic thread to my curiosity. A strong figure, dwindling with unfathomable storms. As I call in one of the poems, a ‘cosmic cocktail’.

Saturn was right next to Jupiter, like a hand to the king. With a personality that made me stay up in search for its light. Saturn is the most unique image one can capture in my opinion, the rings are so powerful that with some optical adjustment, you can witness them from our planet.

Tomorrow, the two pioneers of the solar system meet in our perspective, only for us, the eyes resting on the green planet. If I had to give you a logical reason as to why I am obsessed with this, I might not have one. But I have to tell you, that light that reaches us in darkness has to be the most powerful symbol.

It has to offer hope and resolve. It has to offer calm and composure. It has to offer love and curiosity. Our Cosmic Sisyphus, the moon shall enclose its bright presence so that we can have the right look at the union of the two most powerful planets in our residence.

If these two massive gravitational influencer wont exist, we would either burnt, being too close to the sun or we would be cold far away from our star. We are where we are, because of all of these celestial entities. and there they are, sending you a message, so tomorrow night, take a camera, or a journal or a recorder, and receive the message.

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