32 Seconds (Clicking the Darconids)

I hit the shutter and at this point, I just knew what 32 seconds felt like, so I didn’t even have to follow the count down. It was a wondrous feeling, to capture light travelling for light-years in 32 seconds, on a smartphone. 

This had nothing to do with me as a student of literature, or a son of an Indian middle-class merchant in a small town, or maybe, it had everything to do with me and my co-ordinates. The moment I saw the picture, alive with the detailed spec of light from the stars and the planets, I truly felt that I existed in a universe that is bigger than any dimension of the society which tries to define me. The arrangement of light in the very photograph was almost like a message. It has to be like this, light is the language of the universe and gravity is that unspoken emotion bundled across, felt by every celestial figure in one way of the other. Unlike emotions, language can be trapped in time and space, and the photograph was just that, bright burning entities sending a message to me, and to you, now that you will see the image. 

Location: Hapur, Uttar Pradesh, India

Exposure time: 32 seconds

Focal Length: 27mm

Aperture: 1.78


This was trapped in 32 seconds, within the 12 mega-pixelated sensors, brought to me by the efforts of a civilization that has grown to communicate with the stars. The biosphere is filled with complexities that my kind has created overtime to conquer this fragment of creation, this beautiful destined land of treasures. I am privileged to look at the dark space and forget the worries that account to my name. However, beyond it all, the ultimate reality awaits us, a pitch dark art, speckled with glitters, trying to tell us something. The never-ending curiosity that can engulf the matters of the mind and spark a meaning to it all.

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