Science and Senses

We are the intersection of everything. You and me, we are enough to complicate and exist. Hear me out, we don’t know who is lying, the scientists or the senses. We wont know for sure, until the star really collapse.

Stay, let me explain my position to you. I have friends, exclaiming out scientific ideas and friends, claiming ideological findings, friends who are claiming meaning to constellation, some, rewriting history and so on. What is common to the nature of my friends account for what makes them different from myself.

They are determined to find meaning, and they are certain their method does resolve the mystery of life. I believe in all of them, their curiosity to explore, however, I cant be certain, like them, about anything.

My friend, who is an excellent programmer will look at Betelgeuse and think, its the closest and the oldest star. My other friend, who brought together her research in the astrological point of view (which is way more complex and compelling than one might imagine) look at Betelgeuse as a part of a larger arrangement. Both the theories overlay some amazing factors. I don’t think any one can be completed accepted or rejected, maybe it is because I lack the intellect to conform to any one.

However it is, there are similarities that speak to me, that Betelgeuse move both my friends. That there is a meaning to the flaccid arrangement of it all, a meaning that is greater than all three of us. It communicates to all of us, to some, like myself, it may come slow to be determined, but it is ever-present, and flowing through the streams of our senses, waiting to be science.

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      1. SUDARSHAN PALIWAL says:

        Welcome I am your 650th follower

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      2. sagar0vision says:

        haha! thanks bud!

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  2. AJ says:

    Your friend sounds like me.

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    1. sagar0vision says:

      Hahahah, I will involve a shout out to your blog soon. xD keep reading. You are a lovely spirit.


  3. AJ says:

    Idk why would you do that. And spirits are lovely no matter whose

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  4. meme of the moment- “….We are the intersection of everything…..” 👉


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