Betelgeuse was born to die,
He heard it in the disguise of life.

A bewitched beauty will still survive,
The supernova scratching across the night.

Perhaps a hundred-thousand years,
Till the ink blot the frozen sphere.

Perhaps a million more,
Till the dark feeds on the flowers.

In the blind sight of time,
I can sense fireworks.

As we grow lonely and old,
Hold onto these old nodes.

The skies were always filled with scars,
But only the most sensitive could foresee the blush of the dying stars.

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    1. sagar0vision says:

      Thanks a lot. It is rare that I am able to communicate with someone.


      1. I understand. It can happen with anyone!


  1. AJ says:

    Betelgeuse is not a star, it’s an emotion of Rudra. It won’t die. It cannot die. Doesnt matter what science says. And it ain’t feeding on flowers. It’s actually making flowers to reach its destination. It is the most beautiful thing ever

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sagar0vision says:

      Love the insight AJ! Thanks for reaching out. I am as clueless as a being can be, but its lovely to imagine it through the metaphor. Probably not true for our lifetime anyway.


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