The Sublime Space

My friend called me up yesterday and we discussed a rather academic perception on how we feel when we look at the vast space. To talk about the infinite with someone who I had shared a small plate of Chinese food in front of a food truck has its own complexity and variance. From the long walks we used to take in 2017 to the limited space of isolation in 2020, the night has grown on me, almost like an omnipresent reflection. A reflection of all that we talked about, music and the miscellaneous to what we discussed yesterday (our trajectory in our academic career), it seems that the dark pallet of nature can observe it all. A metaphor, a symbol, a spiritual connotation, a scientific anomaly yet natural and retrospective… we could go on and the list would not be exhausted.

He said, “You know, its that, overwhelming feeling.” And I followed the same thought, we talked about the music in the movie, Interstellar. How do you quantify such an abstract into the disciplines of the structures defined by academics. A form of institution trying to formalize knowledge since centuries, but what words could capture the feeling of observing a spec of light travelling for years to reach you. Travelling from a space that even Hubble has not yet seen with its mechanical zest. God bless my friend who is trying to formulize this experience in a language that can be understood by the mechanical instituition.

But I steal his title and tell you, this very important aspect to my creative flow. When I look at the blank space, glittering with stars, I receive more than just the photons that you see in the featured image surrounding me. I receive more then just the history of the human perception that you trace with the constellations. I receive a mystery, that further unfolds every time I recollect what I had seen, for example with my friend, or while arguing with the fixed exhausted debates of the social (to sound like a kid who wants you to look at something sparkling to just maybe distract you from your anger which is justified by the chaos of what surrounds us).

I receive a gift, that is to be shared by the common consciousness of our civilization. There are things bigger than us, visuals that can put us in theories of sublimity, here you greet your insignificant body and sense your vast soul.

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