The Sapient Selections

I was born to admire a tree, cherish the growing branches and the withering leaves. Talking to the shades that foretell time and the shadows that somehow allude space. Once the tree was cut down, I came to talk to the sky. I met the birds, ever-still in curiosity. For a long time I felt that the wild eyes had incantations of something powerful. Death did us apart, the wild scars ran through the most innocent ways of life.

Then came the night and I realized, that if you look long enough, everything seems to emit light. So I stared into the darkness. I glared into the abyss of eternity and realized that somehow the dead resonated with the skies. The change and charisma of the moving stars, the moon growing over the mind, evidently outgrowing time.

Now, I photograph the abyss where time seems to die and light surpasses great distances to greet the eye.

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  1. What a beautiful thought process


    1. sagar0vision says:

      Hey ! Thank you! It is very innate to how I photograph. Means a lot.

      Liked by 1 person

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