I thought that my reveries would be the ultimate form of my crazy imaginations, but last night a stroke of subconscious genius moved me beyond myself. It is only justified to record this in a blog.

We are spontaneous strangers, I love heights and you love the sea, and we are both chasing each of our frames. I like you for all the differences, of most, I am totally blind, but your remarks tend to make me see through the woods I fancy around my vision.

We were in my room, reading the lonely tunes I inscribed on the parches, and then the two sides met, the desire and the dearth. Not long till the lips were visualized, the feelings melted into a salty sea. We fell into leveler of the world, almost embracing it altogether.

But when I picked you up, we got out of the sea to greet an abnormal symphony that are the mountains. I know, it is deranged to even fit both of us out of the virtual and into the real, but if the lucid ways of the subconscious mind can play the card, I would rather believe that the dream is a certainty.

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