Green Days

I am short-lived yet my life can be spread across space as chaos, many visuals and so much veracity. Ambitions of playing the violin to the simple urges of climbing a tree. Being slapped by a teacher in 6th grade or loving the experience of teaching stories to children. Losing it all and collecting it back, time and time again. The frivolous notion of continuity. I sucked at tenses, but I could weave stars and stories together. The farthest, the greatest mountains awaited me, to come and be in the mania of the heights, away from the oceans of the metropolitan.

I am so ambient, so I can’t even remember what I look like, or what is my name, Sagar, it sounds so strange to me. And it’s not about me, but everyone, a single name can be so misleading. For instance, in admiration, I label each layer of a person I explore. It is my greatest hobby, to dive into someone and create a projection of all she is, all that she has seen and maybe all that she is going to be. Weirdest dances play in my head as I listen to the chaos I am talking about right now.

I have been in love with way too many things and most importantly, I have started understanding what layers can I exhibit, by raw sudden experiences, also by prolonged predicted periods. A contrary mess grows each second, tick-tock. Like a wild plant, and most wouldn’t even know its real name.

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