1. A Vessel for a Vessel

“Do you know how to play a flute?”

The voice came shattering my senses just when they were about to give in to sleep. I was not alone in my room. And this was not the voice of anyone I remember listening to, I turned around immediately to find a figure covered in a grey cloak sitting on the floor. However terrifying it was, the figure was awfully still.

“I have a gift for a gift.”

He reached out to me with a black stick, somewhat like a flute, holes at equal intervals and a tinted head. As I held it, I sensed it was carved with heavy details. A fairly heavy stick for the small size. As I took it, the hand was covered with the cloak again. I could sense, just like the flute, his hand had detailed tattoos.

“How the hell did you get here? What do you want?!”

“A gift for a gift. A vessel for a vessel. Music for music.”

I held the flute straight up against my lips and blew on its head. The music that came out held my nerves tight, paralyzing me right at the spot. I could only breathe, and as I would exhale there was music. My eyes were fixed, there was no way I could sense any motion. Just after a few breaths, the figure rose and took off the hood to reveal a bright face with similar tattoos. He kept his hand on my head and disappeared.

I gained back the control over my body. Looked at my palm as I gripped the flute. The only object responsible as an evidence of what happened. It could have been just a vague dream, but there was an object in my hand weighing in the facts. I kept it near my lips again and let the air interact with object. I didn’t freeze this time, instead of music, there were clear words, the same voice.

“I come from a land where you will never go. I will require your vessel. The body. I mean no harm. “

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