Monkey Meditation

I was blessed to wake up early today, from a dreamless sleep to a beautiful reality. Early in the morning, everything is brooding into possibilities, it is empowering to wake up when everyone around you is asleep. Seeking the sunrise is another quest that once can take easily. As I climbed to my terrace, I found a monkey chilling close to my place for meditation. I decided to sit along despite some bad stories I have hear about the monkeys in our locality. I could easily trust this guy. Laying off and looking at the skies turn purple and slowly blue. We maintained our distance and I began to meditate.

I had set a timer because I needed to know how I was doing. A timer for 30 minutes was a clearly ambitious thought, so I did it. First five minutes went by in simply noticing what the monkey was up to. He would scratch all his body parts, one by one. Then he would try to catch the mosquitoes that were bothering him. I had a blanket on me, so I was protected. I closed my eyes for a while. Then my own human mind was getting bothered by the sound of the flies around me. I was aware that nothing was biting me, yet, I was moving just to make sure. As I moved, the mosquitoes got some vacancy to enter the blanket and when I closed my eyes again I was greeted with blood sucking love. When I started scratching my legs, I witnessed that the monkey was looking at me the exact same way like I did before. We had a good bounding in those 30 minutes. I was somehow able to stay still for the next 20 minutes. The monkey was gone by the end of it all. As I was left alone by my friend at 5:30 in the morning, I realized how I was more like him, fundamentally. And how the only thing I could do different was to stay still and engage in something within me.

To my monkey friend, owe those 20 minutes of bliss.

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