Apocolypse Hanging from Eden

Apocolypse hangs from the deepest root of the most fruitful tree of Eden called the Verse. Within the verse, the branches pierce into entirely different worlds. The branch that is held on by Apocolypse leads to the world of Humans. God’s favourite* creature, humans. Apocolypse would admire the human civilization so much for the faith…

Dead Flowers

My eyes are closed and the only thing I sense is nothing. I don’t know what sound shall guide this feeling, but it is happening. In the grave of my mind where the sand is the stillness of this universe. The dark space where I Inhibit within and without. She would kiss me with flowers….


I have lost myself in the reverie called reality and I need to regain all my spiritual sense. It has been a while since I have extended the limited characters and novels that I started a year ago.  Intuition was the fuel to a surreal sense, as silence would pave the way to absolute sound….

Sailing Sun

“Do you know how it feels?” ” To be possessed by lust?” “No, to write a poem.” “I never lose myself entirely like this, this cannot be good.” “I barely find myself stable enough. I am always lost, yes, not to that extent. Kissing you is different. To suck the nectar from the life that…