“Farhan! Let’s go play. It is time.”

“Coming Brother.”

It was a hot june evening, I was waiting for farhan outside his house. He came running down to sit behind me on the bicycle. It was Ramsan and he was on a fast, these days, it was always be who would take him to the countryside to play cricket.

I was a better bowler, I would spin the cricket ball and the turn would always take it in between the stumps. Farhan would laugh, he was so different from all of us, would play with a smile always. He was fat, but so quick, and would bat so well at times.

We played for a few hours and then he almost fell down to meet the ground in all its glory.

“Man, I dont think so that God is happy with your fasts.”

“Hahaha! I dont know. Abba is, thats enough. You fast too, Navratre.Isnt it the same?”

“Well, I wonder. lets go back, you are tired.”

The clouds came upon the open green fields, Farhan didnt even move, He wanted to greet the rain with the same efforts.

On the night of the big celebration, I was invited by Farhan’s family for the feast. The walls of his house were decorated, but the colours wont even move ahead to capture joy. Everything was awfully still when I entered the place. I went to his room and found everyone there, standing around his bed. He was laying, trying to breathe.

“What happened!”

He tilted his head and looked at me, “It made God happy. He is coming to take me.”


He smiled. It was raining.


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