The doctors said they don’t know as to how there were accumulations in her retina.

Maybe they did not look at those eyes from their own, that is how you need to really know her. To be oneself to see the world as this naked sphere of roses that blush golden brown in the sun.

That is her iris, now for the surface where the world is made, the retina, one must stay still and sync in the heart beats. For you see, it is not just a biological curtain where the most beautiful things hit inverted to a mind, but it is the very contact of the world with an oblivion that resolves the stress of the existence.

As if the doctors had the time to fathom the beautiful passage to peace. They said that something is odd and they should probably remove the disturbance with a laser. Well, I clearly know that bombarding some particles over peace is what happens in this world all the time. It is harmonious, musical almost and the energy keeps it all intact.

Little kids in the pound splashing water make a universe that smiles.

Now, I am not saying that medical science is not advanced enough to appreciate a moment or respect the creation of the eye that literally made me watch the world in a better stance, it is just that, I have kissed her.

Maybe a lost poet lost his fine mind,
Playing with the strings of that lonesome time,
When those olds books started singing,
The stupid songs in my head.




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