Listening to the cosmos is peaceful, as I crush grass that tickles my heart, as the wind whistles, and the amora of the rivers rush through the wind. Soon, the night will come alive and I will get to be with the stars, burning forever for light. In the night the colours are often hidden or asleep.

Colours are afraid of the dark,
Stars are afraid of the colours,
With my feet on the ground,
I sing to the skies.

I stood to witness the rain carry the light of the stars to my face, you see you never know what you are looking at in the dark. In the dim falling light from my dead friends, I realised that my hair were red, faintly red, or briskly bluish red. Something of that sort.

They were burning with my dead friends to make some lights enter the atmosphere.

I closed my eyes to witness it the ocean of colours I have never seen.

If I was dreaming, I would like to dream and die from reality, to stay there forever.


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