I am turning 21 tonight. Sitting at the bar with a few of my friends. They all ordered cocktails, Roy ordered one for me, I was just enjoying the ambience, with my phone camera itching in my pocket, screaming out to take pictures. Well, It was my birthday, I am 21 now, but the only thing I want to do right now is to hang from the ceiling and take a picture of the wine bottles kept beautifully under the dark wooden shelf, I probably will do that soon. I am not really turning old, I somehow grew younger with all the smiles that countered my tears this year. I looked at my reflection in a glass of this dark maroon liquid, I felt younger, a little crazier to add on to my vague head. I smiled at my reflection in the glass, just assuring my confidence.

“What are you smiling about?” Roy asked me, greeting me with his plain humble face. This man is one reason my happiness overlay the sorrows of the past. I gave him a wicked cute smile and said, “I can’t even smile now, huh, Roy?” I loved irritating him, He was my own to exploit. But I loved him, so as he offered me the green apple cocktail, I said, “I am happy.” Roy could talk to me from his facial expressions, he winked both his eyes and smiled, one of those gestures that made me feel more alive.

Everybody stared at me, hoping I will start the drinking scenario. I looked at them and gave an awkward smiled and everybody laughed. Then I laughed. I loved how I held this comic stance in my group. I had the power to make anybody laugh with a wicked smile. But the glass of the alcohol, something didn’t feel right about the glass of a drink that helps intoxicate. I feel like such a child, why do I need to intoxicate to have fun. I was looking into the fresh green colour of the drink and all I could think of was to click a picture. I cant help my head running off to the perception I want to capture. I am happy, I thought to myself, I took a sip and as the liquid entered my mouth, the beautiful green apple gently burned.

“Huh, This is not as I expected, its faintly like a soft drink. But worse.” I laughed a little, clearing my throat. “It is alright.” Roy placed his hand on my shoulder and smiled.

So tell me, mister alcohol? I am a very crazy human being, why do I need you to dial out my expression? I am perfectly capable of crying or laughing. Funny social conventions. The reflection of my smile got me to think about all the positives that took place this year. Things were finally shaping up, I had a love story, an itch to photograph, I scored, I am more patient, I worked, huh, overall, it was good. Thanks, Mr. alcohol but I shall have fun without you, for now.

Young. Wild. Free

Happy Birthday! Subhi. Check out her amazing blog here.



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