How do I name my existence,
Now that the colours are my heartbeat,
And these shivers are building my senses,
Can you feel me with the winds?
Can you sense me in the night sky ?
Because I dont see myself in this clay,
Rather I am the illude of colours ruining your days,
You see me everywhere, You use me,
To elaborate your perception through this world,
After each being crossing by your eyes,
You find me reaching your core to inflict a thought,
Maybe I am real, Maybe a realm,
An illustration of who you are,
Or a Shadow of your past,
I teach you life, yet you can’t find your own.
You cant find out who you really were,
And maybe thats why, I am unknown.
The most obvious phenomenon of life,
Yet hidden in the meadows of conciousness.
Nobody named me and still I wonder,
How do I name my existence.
Dont hold on to me, I said I will ruin you,
I am the poison in your social construct,
I make you judge the world,
Maybe I am your mind,
Maybe a sense,
Something rhat dwelled with the steriotypes,
I cant understand issues of humanity,
I am.
But I should not be.
So dont name me.
-Sagar Arora


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