The sphere of the mellow beings, linked through a web of dreams,

Guided by symphonies, rested through a legion of extremity,

Humans found their ethos, building coherence over a divergent identity,

Through the distinct culture and ways, a ghost of diversity came to play,

A ghost that haunted the zest sublime, reaching out to eliminate the colours to blind,

‘Terror’ was the phrase to define, the inhuman solace of the night.

The contemporary holds a vision of abhorrence,

The globe is held by the drought from the bane,

Terror found its peak for the reminiscence,

Eliminating life and love from the rain,

What we reckon is the cry of our faith,

And the cure to the demise, shall be a union of our names.

To save the mystical being,

To recover the scars of the fall,

An espionage shall emerge, seeking the ghost to preach,

Dealing with each move of the anomalous believe,

The symbol of life shall defend the one common deem,

The unique logos of the whole world,

A common name to call them all,

Shall uproot the occult of uncertainties,

And restore the regalia from the luminosity.

-Sagar Arora 




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