There was this script in the glares of the night,

and one could read the words denied,

the words seemed to sing along the darkness of human heart,

the colour could contrast the living scars.

” The sleep can hold your thoughts to bed,

    with the air you may hold on the  rest,

    when you may seek out of this show,

     and you paint the sky all alone !

    The tree will talk about the rhythm that you need,

    the sea shall imitate the the depth you never read,

    So come along the road and the star.

    Breath all the way to the known,

     Wake up your soul,

     The magic old , And the song that was told, alone.”

The little that we know about human life was forgotten through the rough evolution of thoughts. The peaceful night sky symbolizes the need of that sleep, and the dream that shall bring out imagery of the savior(knowledge and light that contrast the blind). With the trees we can identify the rhythm of our soul(silence), with the sea we can feel the mystery that our reality can hold(depth), the stars shall approach our vision to encounter the uncertain knowledge of the universe, and the curiosity shall lead to salvation of the human entity.


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