The world is onto a verge of a revolution, the one that may define and break out a new definition to humanity. A small community to a country and a country to a continent that may uphold the life of Earth is indulged onto the intrinsic defeats all over, a complex war has began and this one might not need a name to popularize the conflicts within man kind. The virtual display of world war III is predicted over  the fronts of newspaper and through the enhancement of human hamartia of the colecsed set of personal believes the plague has taken its shape and inferno shall reveal the meaning of the true space Utopia.

This hidden war is not about the loss, but the influx to the human sight. Terrorism, Euthanasia, War, Territorial conflicts and Religious conflict shall spread the plague of disbelieve and the ruins will describe the story and justify the power of human conscious, the element of thought that a homosepian grow up with and eventually depict a unique definition to every single entity.
The plague is out and it seems we cannot contain the eruption of contradiction within our conception of human enforcement. The cry of every Syrian infant , the fear of every individual living in the terror of the outbreak war, the wounds of a migrant and the struggle to develop over racism in the European nation and the rebel inside the mind of a child shaping up his views for a certain believe of spirituality amongst the darkest core of contradiction will enlighten our faiths to a Renaissance.

A revival to human instincts is near, and for the plague to reach its peak, the plan is set from the space which is dark to us , the unknown entity beyond the sky shall reveal light of awakening.


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