Fire was all I could see, screams got my ear ,the feel was of blood and pain immersing through the ground. I could see my mother laying dead next to me, our house burnt in the war fare , all I was left with was pain that had swollen my tears and emotions to rather contemplate any movement of my body. I could only look straight into my mother’s eyes , the blood from her body reaching my hand and I was helpless , could not move an inch or even close my eyes. I was trapped in this image, my mind ? I ? That’s me?…….

I opened my eyes and took a deep breath , I could feel my heartbeat and was relieved realizing that I was only meditating, it was bitter-sweet to find out that the past carnation method worked. I finally got to know about my origin, I saw my mother. Same as in the picture I had , the brown eyes and the fair face were the only symbols that reminded my consciousness of the illusion, reminded me of the picture by the side of my bed and hence the room. The book stated that the practice could take me into a coma , luckily I got out of the strain. Mr.Abel had already mentioned before about Serewall, the place in the north of the country which had a civil war exploiting almost every single family living there army went out to rebel yet many lost their breaths , so did my parents. The sight must have inhibited my mind and reached as the very first illusion, I looked at my hand and drew the image of the small hand I saw before  drawn in mother’s blood. I was one of the lucky inhabitants that were taken up after the war, although Serewall is under conflict and the situations had absorbed every sense of life. The Aetos and the Ornios were the two basic tribes that revolted into a life ending conflict, the city broke down into ashes. The full moon drew the consolation to the darkness I saw , I walked to the window and felt the air compelling the warmth of someone, if only I could be more , I would fly out with the wind itself. I started going against Mr. Abel’s thought of not apprehending the universal rhythm to that of the soul’s , only because I was left with the universe itself. Suddenly the wind touched my hand and left a sensation of pain. I went inside and laid with enormous pain raging through my body.


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