6.The Interregnum

Thunder, darkness and cry held the sky,

She had her feet above the night,

Holding on to the darkest colors and rhymes 

But the rain got her in time,

Then came the colors above and the dark over powered the light

Greed, lust and all the filth held on the spill 

The poor girl then held her instincts, 

Cage was empty now, the color black was gone,

The only thing that remained was hope inside the little stone.

Her name was Pandora and she cried out for the sins,

She kept in the most evil shade ,

Yes the hope within.

I opened my eyes and found myself in the grassland next to the library and was terrified with the dream, it showed the very opposite of the path I was dwelling upon. The dream must have been from the crazy history I used to read before, it was about ‘Hope’ being a negative thing, the most dangerous one. I adjusted my self in a more comfortable posture, my back has started to ache because of the weird posture I slept in, Artic was still beside me and the moon still above. The philosophy that life was mending me in was very tricky and I suppose the dream was just a fatal expression of the bad posture. I was certainly exposed to the very idea that super natural is all around. Even my dreams were rhyming like Mr Abel’s word but unfortunately just the opposite thing he said to me in the very first meeting. I went inside the library hoping other signs will amend my thinking to the right visual, I went inside and picked up the same book Sara had in her hand. It was black, purely leather I suppose and the pages were as if never touched, I took it and sat down near desk where my diary was kept, I opened the book and text said

Humans are blessed with the vision of good and bad, and hence of course there will be another depth where thoughts descends.Keep in mind while reading what your souls call for, keep your heart at the place where it belongs, so shall be the destiny and the journey you descend. 

I turned the page with intentions to discovers whats hidden.

Sun was the first to rise, with moon it ascended time,

colors were his calls and the odor was for the dawn,

Second were the descents of gods and evils,

And where the colors and odor was forgotten 

Few saw the mystique of creation,

But with the rise of the nature, its own dull wishes came after the presence of the universe.

The world is now lost onto the dull and the gold was always there but too common to breath

You my dear shall know the gold , no matter if you call them god or shores

For you shall be the one to let them know,

let them get their hearts to glow 

over power the flow of the hubris 

burn up the sands and the new bliss

For their was only one thing to know 

Not the two elements to grow.

People think of darkness and the faith of brightness, they see the world as their own. They lack to understand that magic is the very creator , magic is a people’s word. The color and odor of sun and the moon is referring to the unknown, the creator, the bliss. Do not mistake him to your Gods and the Evils and DO NOT DESCENT INTO THE CREATED GODS AND EVIL FOR THEY KNOW NOTHING BUT THE END AND DARKNESS, the lights is always above and blessing the souls, the creator is everywhere , feel him and divert his creation. Know him and feel the stature, now I have given you the words to know feel the nothing and let the color grow. 

That was all what was written in book , rest of the pages were empty and the last page said Spill what you know.  Not the Gods , but it was something bigger what I always wanted to hear about , the creator. Yes that should be the magic, that shall be the writing on my diary. Sara knew, and I hope I would too .

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