Another strange night was on my way and the sounds of the raining temper made my heart beat tremble more, the text had given me a  shook of vibrations and the air held my nerves with a weird sensation, the instances had made sure about the mystic sense around. As I was walking down the hall, I saw Sara holding a book in her hand she looked at me and said smiling ” I know how to imprint my thought, I believe the word is haunting you, I wont do it again. Start writing and creating, if you sense a believe inside you, improvising with words can lead you to another world.”

I smiled strangely,” You can imprint your thoughts on a piece of paper far away from you?”

“I discovered a few things on my own, I have been living with Mr.Abel ever since I remember. He don’t want us to know these concepts as well, I don’t know the reason. This book I am holding, I found in the library a long time ago and I never stopped, it’s very compelling and serene to know the nature of this ability to write and enhance every bit we see. Do not tell Mr.Abel about this but I believed you needed to know  this take out the vibe held within.”she replied while moving hands on the imprints of the book, I was keen to know all what she knew, and most importantly I needed to know about her. At the moment I got a look at her dark colored eyes and the highlights from her hair over the left side of the pretty face. She was beautiful and serene by her very looks, she wore a black dress covering over her bright skin, her hands were strangely covered by black gloves in the days of humid weather in the town. 

“Thank you, I was scared indeed with the text appearing on the dairy. Strange all of this, I believed in the nature as magic but never expected it’s response over our own thoughts, your saying every person on earth can do this ?” I asked her to clear my doubts over the vague issue.

“I don’t know Aarav, the words shall be your priority maybe you will tell me soon enough.”she smiled and kept the book back into the shelf. She started walking towards the door inside and said ” Stay here for the night, the rain is beautiful yet the prospect matters a lot my new friend. Mr.Abel has informed your parents.” she walked outside leaving me alone in the room which had stuck my nerve like anything in the last few hours. I sat down on the bench again and opened the dairy. I started writing about the salvation of the inner essence and reality, the topic had me before the very beginning of the strange days, I had to link something to the given hint which was “The evasive truth”.

It all starts from a miracle. 

And that’s all I could think of at the time, I went out in the night seeking for more thoughts and found the marvelous dog Arctic sitting and staring at the moon. I went closer and sat beside him, his eyes reflected the moon but glittered with some images. He knelt down and I touched the beautiful skin over his head to show my regards, as I moved my hand on the soft blueish skin, I closed my eye and saw my Grandfather’s site and then his sound, The night is indeed beautiful, this is not what you think it is my lad, move onto the life and accept the lines you need to read, don’t go beyond the stature one should reside in, be what you always wanted to be and learn the truth from your new teacher. Life has a meaning to realize and enact over the struggling soul.

I opened my eyes and found Arctic with his head on my lap and wet eyes reflecting the moon brightly. I placed my hand on his skin. You knew him, didn’t you strong fellow. He must visit this place a lot, books nature and silence were all his traits, I talked about peace and yet he attained it. I smiled with respect to the great man my grandfather was. I knew the reality was all within and me. It was not the magic resting in the dog but the love he kept within my mind over the serene conversations. I forgot it all and slept at the very place.



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