“So your saying that this big creation, the universe gives me the things I hope for? Jason Richard, your friend and my grandfather, the man who taught me about how to look and react to the nature is no more, are you saying that he wanted to leave his place on earth? ” I was full of emotions and could not hold in a thought.

“Jason, the man taught me how to see the world as well, you know son he once told me that death is the most expected thing in the world, he said-just as and when a person can think maturely, he starts fearing the death. I questioned him about hours about this, I remember but he knew this world better than I can ever do. He was not just my friend he was my teacher, just like you I sat in a class listening and questioning him for everything he explained to me. May his soul rest in peace and his essence of teaching go on forever. ” Mr Abel (the professor) said with lowering his tone .

I had nothing to say, I took a deep breath thinking that his theory made sense and after all he repeated the words of the man we shared disguise on.

“Well my friends I hope to see you again some time the library is open to all and this room for the people who want to understand the complex looking yet simple flow of the universe.”

The people walked out but I couldn’t. I wanted to know more about what grandfather left for the world to know.I looked around and found the guy who gave retrospect of my answer, it seemed he was in pain as well. He was staring at the desk. He had a dark coloured skin, brown eyes and an inspiring voice. He suddenly looked at me and said ” He’s right you know, you eventually have to make peace with the truth. ” he smiled as he got up and extended his hand for a hand shake, ” Its Erik ”

” I am Aarav, I don’t understand the concept of this class. It’s not science and we talk about understanding the universe. ”  We shook hands as Mr.Abel entered the room and asked me to stay for tea, I had already missed my chemistry lessons and by now I should have been home but I had to spent time with the man, there was surely something I was missing. ” I would love to talk about him with you, right now my mother will be expecting me”
” I am going on a night trip to the near forest tonight with my student Sara, I can talk to your father to join us,  I am sure he would remember me, Sam. You might not know but your father used to go on these trips with me. You need to have a big talk about your dilemma, Join us.Erik I will be glad if you can join as well. ”
” Sounds good” said Erik.
“I will look forward” I had a hard time digesting everything which was happening. The man I barely knew by the morning knew every major confusion in my head.
I walked back home fearing I will be caught for bunking my class and visiting Mr Abel. I entered and saw my dad talking on the phone.
” You must be hungry ! How was the class ? Your alright ?  “mother said with her usual expressions and hint of care.
” So you found Mr Abel huh.  Make sure you cover up your studies. The school will be opening next month as well, the man will make you admire little things and that should help you achieve your goal”  I was relieved hearing this from dad. ” Alright I will leave in an hour then.”
After eating I went out, the dark sky reminded me of what grandpa said about the night and how I wanted to go on and break free the message he left in those blank pages of his diary.
When I entered I felt remembrance of every little thing I admired about ny lost friend, books reminded me of the theories I used to get every day, the silence reminded me of his room while he meditated every morning, the inspiring posters. The place had its charm, by the end of the corridor I saw a girl sitting by the main desk and writing something with red ink, she had her beautiful dark brown hair covering her face, all I could see was her hand ln the dairy and her firm handwriting. I assumed she must be Sara, the girl student Mr Abel was talking about. “Excuse me, have you seen Mr. Abel around ? ”  I said thinking about how she might me the first girl I asked something besides  a chemical equation solution. ” Yes, he should be here any moment.” She replied. I sat down by the other desk and was shocked by the red ink on the paper, it was as beautiful as if printed and the lines read expressions that I could not even understand.
” Beautiful writing” I said looking over the other front of the page she was writing on. “I assume if you are here, you would be an artist or someone who wants to be expressive or learnt, writing of alphabets is just how you think. Thanks, although ”  she said smiling, as soon she turned her face to look at me I was already struck by her eyes, pure black with her voice overlaying a mature sense of knowing every thing around her. No wonder I had no idea what she said. I just smiled back at her. Erik entered and sat next to me. Since that last conversation I had with grandpa, it seems things were going as he wanted them. I made a friend and was going to discover things I needed to for my own sake and that’s all what he wanted me to do, every evening lectures about how the earth has its way on us and how we should let the things around get us as we are.
Mr Abel entered and asked us to join the walk to the forest around the town, I got up and followed the man in hopes to unravel a big piece of puzzle stuck in my thoughts.


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