Sounds And Places (Part-2)

I could not sleep that night, I kept listening to music, writing more and more but just could not be satisfied over my head. Next morning was the worst of all, I woke up on my desk and heard a lot of people, I went out and saw a white cloth over a body and I needed no more of the words. The sight stuck me bad , the man who got me to survive all this while was laying dead. I lost my best friend and the one person who held onto my own interests other than the world’s. ” Don’t let it haunt you son, he went in peace. Death is  the only certain thing in life, stay strong” said my dad, he was always a practical perfectionist and I admired his will to face the world but his words couldn’t help me get over the morning.My family was one of the most practical ones, they were sad yet they knew how to handle the situation where as I was stuck, I couldn’t process anything in my head. I had my birthday next week and I remember Grandpa telling me about his present , ” The Evasive Truth ” sounded funny back then but I just could not wonder about how it all stuck at a moment so small. I went back to my room and saw the dairy he gave me yesterday, I held it tight in my numb hands and sat on my bed. I lifted up the cover and it said “The Evasive Truth , as we know it.”  His hand writing struck my nerve in a way which was even stronger than his words, I was under a barrel and I had no idea what to even think about. A tear drop fell from my face to the old pages of the diary and the spot turned dark. The color right there reminded me of what he told me last evening about waiting for the night. The sun went away yet the night was maybe near by, I fell onto my bed with a lot of thoughts and a serious head ache with the dairy wrapped in my arms.

I woke up the next morning, dad was sitting on my chair reading the dairy. He looked at me and said ” This was a gift to him from his friend Mr. Abel. He was there yesterday, was asking about you. Get up lad need to get ready for the class, right?” Right then I knew what I had to do that day, I skipped my class and visited the Pere’ Library down the street. As I walked down there I Could not stop thinking about everything that happened in a last couple of days. I went on walking and thinking about grandpa and his calls about the world he said once “The time plays game, you should be the one enjoying and learning from events like death and birth.” When I reached the library I saw a white board by the side which said

Join the talk for the lost and learn from the play of what you feel, think and read from whats around you. ‘Hope’ to see you soon..

Mr. Abel  “

The words sounded as if Grandfather  left it for me another treasure hunt to be on, just like we used to have on my birthdays. I went onto the room where the discussion was supposed to be held.


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