1. Sounds And Places(Part -1)

Nothing to look at, nothing to say, no colors, no lights until the beats take my mind. A sound struck my vision, right into my ear it exploded making me feel as if I am on a big stature and the voices held onto my veins, but when the words had their way I could not take into account for my memories , the voice of the strings held my nerves to a great feeling, I lost myself to devote to the joy I felt and the lightning struck.

” Aarav! It’s time son, get ready for the class”. It was my dad’s voice that held me back to my morning blues from the amazing dream. That day I had my classes for about 4 hours and my brain was already junked upon a number of things, my interests puzzled me onto something which was now trembling my dreams. I got up, walked to my coaching center with my pale eyes from last nights. As I settled onto my desk in the classroom I went in my memory to find out the essence of my dream, the remembrance brought me happiness as I struck my fingers slowly on to the desk with the music taking me on to the lyrics, but with the a single stroke I was distracted. “Morning lad, I see those weak eyes. I assume my homework would be tiring, huh.”.The sound of my teacher made me nervous to the core and the further meaning got me even below my tone ,”Well, I always enjoy the equations, sir !” I held on to my senses and answered. The class went on the same way as ever, I tried focusing onto  the words but my mind had its peak on tolerance with the subjects.I got out of those endless 4 hours with different day dreams induced by the talks  I had with my grandfather last evening, one made me laugh right in the middle of my chemistry lecture and amusingly I got saved, as the people around me were made for the  song written on the board. On the way back I had my usual sound time with views and the instance of the universe around me, grandpa taught me about the technique of losing the mind onto the music of sights on my 16th birthday, I could never see the world from his eyes but he surely was the one person I admired for his ways of thinking. My head was full of dreams and frustrations at the time, I knew I made a wrong choice of course selection and besides that I really didn’t know what took me from its very way, I loved singing and everything related music, my own words ended up been rhymes, then again music was just a hope, and i could never tell that wish to anyone in my family because of-course that would end up been another sing of laughter at the dinner table.

As the usual schedule in the evening I joined my grandfather in the balcony for pulling threads onto my own puzzles. “How was the day ! Did you make some more friends and this is not a metaphor for your subjects.” he said with his heavy voice, no matter what he said he knew how to put a smile onto my head for a change.” Same old grandpa ,I wish I could make my way through things I actually love doing. I know , I know your going to come up with an inspiring statement but I need more than that today”. He smiled and said ” Do you see how wonderful yet simple is the work of the universe ? I mean don’t go onto the people around, they will confuse you. Just look upon the sky about how the creations carry their way to another beautiful scene, the birds will go rest upon their nests, the sun will leave it way for the moon to calm the sights and you my friend are going to take the lesson of patience. Wait for the night son, it will bring the sky onto your imaginations and maybe you will fly on your own  love.” . I smiled upon the old man and felt the breeze in my face. He continued saying ” And tomorrow when you leave in the morning give this diary to my friend  Abel, meet him in the Pere’ library.”. He handed me the dairy with “Obsolete Night” written with blue ink on the old cover. I gave him a smile , saying ” No problem grandpa have a sound sleep ! ” . His expressions were of grief as I stood up , he said ” Do wait for the night, son and no matter if you miss the sun at the time, keep going,  do what the rhythm around tell you ! Goodnight son ! ” . I smiled and went to my room.




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