“My dear ones, can you define the word ‘hope’ for me?” the professor said looking at us with a confident smile
The girl by the side of the window said,” I believe it’s the voice of the soul.”
“The soul, huh? I admire your sight. What about you young man?” he asked looking at me.
“Sir, I believe it is just fatal expression of desire that one may experience in situations” I said with a dull smile.
“So you believe its another trick of the mind to catch hold off the blend of emotions and has no power and no influence on the world we live in ?” he replied .
“Indeed, sir” I said, thinking whether I held up a right stand.
“I believe it’s the strongest power that holds us, I remember my father’s eye in the hospital bed when he said keep faith. The world will keep you safe.” Said a guy sitting next to me with a certain charm in his voice.
“My dear ones, this universe is the creation of a powerful  artist, some may call the brilliance god , some may feel it’s the nature of this universe or whatever. But the power of the creator lies in each one of us, if you believe in god you have to believe in his ascendance the very soul , if you believe in the science which runs parallel to creation then you have to believe that you are a part of the huge chemical reaction taking place to form the space time around you. So if you have that power, that ascendance, you can create. You’re a part of this universe as a compiler to the space around you! Your soul is like the power to think as the artist, and hope my dear friend is your expression, so remember! what you feel from the real depth of your own is the reason you experience what you experience in your life. And the soul , the power is a long way from your fancy thoughts the path is full of falls and heights but yet again if you hope to find your way , the universe will bend and cover some fiction stories.”


6 thoughts on “THE PROLOGUE

  1. You asked me to drop by and offer advice :

    I would give yourself a name, any name if fiction and give the girl a name and professor a name. This makes the characters people for whom the reader can make a connection rather than abstractions as is the prose you are creating. Father and Grandfather do not need names unless necessary as story evolves. You need a setting too. Need to give reader a sense of people and place at very beginning and characters should have minimally defined development to make a story or what you have is only an exposition on what is meaning of it all essay. Now if that is want you want that’s OK but you need the development I suggest if this is to be a novel and activities other than expositions should be included perhaps as a background for why these people think as they do. Of course this is just the beginning of your effort but such should be in the beginning. You can certainly get this into very early chapters as I realize this is just the prologue. I think you have to hook the reader with more than philosophical discussion. I like novels but with degrees in history and theology and reading Calvin and Luther and such I’d want a story line to keep me reading. Thanks for recent visit to my blog.

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    1. Thank you so much for the top sir ! . I am sure I will add up a lot of human incentive in the story line coming your way ! I wanted prologue to be a little sacred, maybe it was not effective but now the chapters will involve names and incentives all along ! Please keep reading and help me improve !


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