Millions of galaxies, massive stars, celestial bodies and then, there is our existence. The living goes even deeper, we cant see the world out loud nor listen to the small  that surrounds our very existence. The mechanism is out of our reach yet we do know how a tiny particle can change the phase we live in, all we can get from the big experiment of life is that everything is integrated. 

Millions of text, invasive rituals, blunders of believes as religion and then there’s our mental believes. The worlds as we know is small, but what goes out of our actual understanding today is that these texts from our origin links on to the very truth that we are learning about the big experiment. Its all hand in hand, for the orthodox to hold on to their minds is exactly as if  the planet waiting for  the ice to cover its believes and crack up the system to a better understanding. And it is indeed human syntax to go through the same path the same way and this stubborn path has ended up in the sight we have today. If one goes through an analysis about how a human being went on reading the evolutionary texts and adapted the morals from the many named yet single message , the person wont help but wonder about the connection of this universal science with every bit we are bond to know. The only issue is that humans are to insecure about everything that we made these text their literal guides, even when they were dated  decades ago, no doubt the writers of the bundles were as great as the creator of this universe because there metaphoric sense shall last till the existence of the universe we look at today.

Eventually the man today who made those illusions brighter then the real concept is unfolding the secret of this universe to travel back to the basic morals of the existence. Well I suppose that’s what death is, the time where every blink of illusion comes to an end and we know how the big experiment wanted us to look at the apparatus.

After all that is what is written in the saint’s story we recite to our understandings today. All the large helpless universe can do is play to the rhyme of the science.

-Sagar Arora  


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