What we see is what we believe , the blue in the sea , the green from the tress and the black from the night sky. They hold meanings,  people does not look up in the sky to look back at themselves , they want to hold on to their hopes . Every morning we wake up have a glance at the colors up above to make us drive out of the expectations. Every night we admire the moon to be the calm color in the darkness,  we see the sparkles of the stars to know the world is big and full of light . Maybe black,  the color which hold on to loneliness cannot actually retain alone . There’s a reason why the green leaves upon the brown bark feels like the crown of faith and hope in life. The world was created as an interactive game and the things we see everyday has a great deal of effect on the living. Thinking about the patterns adore a tone of magic, a magic which surround us to go through with everything we see, there is no fear and only love to behold sights we enrich . Go on the magic lines and feel whats undefined.

-Sagar Arora


15 thoughts on “Colors Of Life

  1. I like your interpretation of colors. 🙂 I’ve been told, I’m eccentric because I am old but, in spite of that, love colorful things. I wear the word, eccentric, well and without apology! Life is happier when done in technicolor

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    • Oh! Glad to here this prospect of you ! and come on ! people like you know the world so much better ! And your way seems the right way to me ! Amazing to hear from you mam! Please keep reading !


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